Promotional Campaign for International Women’s Rights Day

Intersyndicale des femmes


Design & Visual Identity

Strategy & Mobilizing

Media relations and events

Audio and video production

Intersyndicale des femmes

Created in 1977, the Intersyndicale des Femmes represents nearly 300,000 unionized workers who work in the public and parapublic sectors, as well as in the private sector.

The Project

Molotov proudly took up the challenge of creating and developing a major promotional campaign for International Women’s Rights Day, March 8, for members of the labour movement in Quebec as well as the general public. In an unprecedented collaboration with 10 trade unions, Molotov knew how to promote and make the important demands of the movement accessible, without taking away from the original depth of their message.

The goal was to create a visual identity for the campaign and several promotional tools, including 85,000 posters and pins. All adapted to the theme of the “Feminists, with all our strength” campaign.

Inspired by the Collectif 8 mars campaign, the Intersyndicale des femmes commissioned us to create an inspiring and educational video for social media. Our clients greatly appreciated the huge organic success of the motion design video, scripted, produced, and animated by Molotov.