The recipe for success

Molotov’s democratic environment is a perfect combination of unique know-how and unifying community spirit.

Molotov is a communications agency dedicated to the empowerment of social, environmental, cultural, local, fair, and ethical initiatives. Our members pour their passion and talent into their work to achieve wow-worthy results! There’s no secret behind our success, just a tried-and-true recipe:

2 oz of know-how, 1 oz of democracy and 1 oz of comradery!


Molotov is made up of dedicated individuals who specialize in design, web, press relations, video production, social media, and so much more. This delightful cocktail of talents has allowed us to build a solid end-to-end expertise and to take a personalized approach to each project. What better way to breathe life into ideas that uphold and promote positive change for the community?

Want to share messages around art, culture, environment, social struggles? Or perhaps you’d like to promote local products, raise awareness about societal issues, amplify union demands, or even highlight positive actions? No matter which project you have in mind, we know how to put it in the spotlight!


Molotov’s mission is first and foremost human, social, and environmental. Our members are united by their drive to support causes they stand for by contributing their hearts and competences. Our communications stem from an uplifting environment and a spirit of comradery.

Through the years, we’ve established ourselves as reliable, involved, and attentive partners to collaborators, local merchants, and citizens committed to bettering their environment and community through kind actions.


We aim to build tight-knit relationships with the people we work with. After all, no one understands your daily reality and the context behind your project than you do! That’s why we favour a collaborative approach based on exchange, transparency, and cooperation.

Internally, Molotov strives for the development and well-being of each and every one of its members. We foster a warm, welcoming, and motivating work environment where everyone is equal and plays a role in decision-making. This atmosphere yields collective intelligence and optimal cohesion, both conducive to thriving internal and project development. And the results of all this? Trust us, you’ll want to see them for yourself!

At Molotov, we don’t work for brands. We work for people and their initiatives.

We do Comms’ for Good

The people behind Molotov are driven by a shared desire to invest their passion and talents into people and initiatives they believe in.

Feeling like the blend of bold and genuine?

We’re a full house right now. But new projects keep coming our way, and we have a soft spot for gutsy people, so don’t hesitate to send us a cover letter, a résumé, and examples of your best work so we can add you to our talent roster.

Our expertise in 360° communications is like no other