The recipe for success

Molotov’s democratic environment is a perfect combination of unique know-how and unifying community spirit.

Molotov is a communications agency dedicated to the empowerment of social, environmental, cultural, local, fair, and ethical initiatives. Our members pour their passion and talent into their work to achieve wow-worthy results! There’s no secret behind our success, just a tried-and-true recipe:

2 oz of know-how, 1 oz of democracy and 1 oz of comradery!


Molotov is made up of dedicated individuals who specialize in design, web, press relations, video production, social media, and so much more. This delightful cocktail of talents has allowed us to build a solid end-to-end expertise and to take a personalized approach to each project. What better way to breathe life into ideas that uphold and promote positive change for the community?

Want to share messages around art, culture, environment, social struggles? Or perhaps you’d like to promote local products, raise awareness about societal issues, amplify union demands, or even highlight positive actions? No matter which project you have in mind, we know how to put it in the spotlight!


Molotov’s mission is first and foremost human, social, and environmental. Our members are united by their drive to support causes they stand for by contributing their hearts and competences. Our communications stem from an uplifting environment and a spirit of comradery.

Through the years, we’ve established ourselves as reliable, involved, and attentive partners to collaborators, local merchants, and citizens committed to bettering their environment and community through kind actions.


We aim to build tight-knit relationships with the people we work with. After all, no one understands your daily reality and the context behind your project than you do! That’s why we favour a collaborative approach based on exchange, transparency, and cooperation.

Internally, Molotov strives for the development and well-being of each and every one of its members. We foster a warm, welcoming, and motivating work environment where everyone is equal and plays a role in decision-making. This atmosphere yields collective intelligence and optimal cohesion, both conducive to thriving internal and project development. And the results of all this? Trust us, you’ll want to see them for yourself!

At Molotov, we don’t work for brands. We work for people and their initiatives.

We do Comms’ for Good

The people behind Molotov are driven by a shared desire to invest their passion and talents into people and initiatives they believe in.

Photo of Nicolas

Nicolas Bonnet

General coordinator

At 6 feet tall, Nicolas enjoys the perfect viewpoint to oversee Molotov’s many projects. From admin to finances, he manages the agency’s activities with precision and dedication. His 15 years of experience working in creative agencies and political communications make Nicolas a key asset for Molovians who know they can always count on his clever analysis and problem-solving skills. From project launch to production, he’s committed to ensuring each project meets your expectations.

Photo of Véronique

Véronique Gravel

Communication Strategist

When it comes to public relations and communication strategies, Véronique is a pro. After years working as a press officer, the dazzling world of arts and culture holds no more secrets for her. Always up-to-date on current events, this wine connoisseur approaches every project with sensitivity and expertise. Véronique never fails to come up with strategies tailored to your target audience’s needs, and we’re always looking forward to seeing which clever idea her analytical mind will come up with next!

Photo of Amélie

Amélie Vaillancourt


What do you get when combining exemplary work ethic and a sharp eye for design? You get a designer whose talent is only matched by her efficiency… In other words, you get Amélie! A graduate of the UQÀM School of Design, she’s Molotov’s very own Midas: everything she touches turns to gold! She earned the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) award in 2019 and her fresh conceptual vision is sure to get your project the attention it deserves.

Photo of Guillaume

Guillaume Gueras

Project Manager

We simply cannot tell you about Guillaume without mentioning his calm and composed vibe. After getting his diploma in marketing and graphic design, he put his knowledge to use working in event planning and visual production. At Molotov, Guillaume tackles every project with enthusiasm, aptly handling logistics and schedules while never losing sight of human relations. Oh, and Guillaume always knows which song to play to lift our spirits! He’s bright, funny, professional, and welcoming … All around, Guillaume is a true MVP!

Photo of Alice

Alice Demée


Without a doubt the most politically active member of our coop, Alice embodies the activist flame that burns at the core of Molotov. Through years of studying and practicing art and design, she’s developed her very own signature style. Every day, she’s committed to creating authentic designs that contribute to making a difference in the world. This fireball has no ‘off’ button when it comes to leveraging her many talents to make your projects shine.

Photo of Audrey

Audrey Lamoureux


Audrey is our resident digital design expert. Her multimedia training has equipped her with the skills necessary to solve every obstacle that dares blocking her path. Coffee in hand and ideas in mind, she creates visual concepts that are just like her: fearless and fun. Just ask her and she’ll tell you: Audrey is all about creating art that brings people together. Her creations are made with care and with a sleek no-fluff aesthetic. If you ever meet Audrey, be ready for her to charm your socks off!

Photo of Andréanne

Andréanne Jodoin

Social Media Strategist

Andréanne’s background is nothing but cookie-cutter. After completing a bachelor’s degree in archaeology, she worked for 4 years in quality assurance in the video game and web industry. Like a Swiss Army knife come to life, Andréanne has proven herself essential in countless situations. Her curiosity, analytical mind, and training in social media management, digital accessibility and communications make one thing crystal clear: Andréanne is someone you want working in your corner!

Photo of Kevin

Kevin Cancedda

Project Manager

If we had to narrow down Kevin’s success to two words, they would be cool and efficient. Efficient: because he’s a steadfast and generous go-getter. Cool: because he used to play in a rock band, and what’s cooler than that? His natural leadership and people skills make collaborating with Kevin a joy for clients and colleagues alike. Previously, Kevin worked in editing, cinema and woodworking, and we’re glad this eclectic path led him to Molotov where he can bring his commitment for social change and sense of solidarity to every project.

Photo of Julien

Julien Ouellet

Web Developer

We think of Julien as an iron hand in a velvet glove, operating the matrix like no one else could. Because who else would we turn to to explain front end development, APIs, cloud AWS or frameworks? Julien’s passion and skills for tech and coding are definitely a feather in our cap. After earning a Master’s in philosophy, they completed their training in computer science. LGBTQ+ matters holding a special place in their heart, Julien is determined to lend his talents to Molotov’s mission of affecting positive change, particularly within marginalized communities.

Photo of Eva

Eva Barroso Riccardi

Communication Strategist

Eva joined Molotov wanting to put her talents to work for projects that have heart. Over the years, this podcast aficionada filled her marketing and communications toolbelt with skills ranging from SEO writing and public relations to brand management. She’s worked in television, marketing, and event planning, but wherever she goes, she approaches every project with curiosity and empathy. Whether you need a powerful tagline, a quick translation or a creative mind to bounce ideas off, Eva’s your girl!

Photo of Angèle

Angèle Nossereau

Creative writer

Angèle begins each day with one thing in mind: creating inspiring and unifying content. Lucky for her, Molotov offers an endless supply of galvanizing projects to write about. She’s carried her passion for storytelling through her 7 years in the audiovisual field and far beyond. Angèle always finds the right words to serve honorable causes. She’s all about using her brain power and literary prowess to reflect your identity and empower your mission.

Feeling like the blend of bold and genuine?

We’re a full house right now. But new projects keep coming our way, and we have a soft spot for gutsy people, so don’t hesitate to send us a cover letter, a résumé, and examples of your best work so we can add you to our talent roster.

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