Dare to imitate the NDP

Canada’s New Democratic Party


Design & Visual Identity

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Audio and video production

Canada’s New Democratic Party

The NDP is a progressive political party with 25 elected members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

The Project

It is our repertoire of landmark election campaigns and our unrivaled reputation that led the NDP to make their choice: the 2021 election campaign in Quebec would be signed off by Molotov. All departments were called upon to participate in the war effort to achieve this 360 venture.

The campaign was noticed and praised by both traditional media and on social media, which meant mission accomplished. Design, video production, advertising placement, communications and social media, this huge project made the team lose sleep and won votes for the party. The NDP trusted our team to take it elsewhere, on a whole new level. The result is an electoral campaign like never before, innovative both in its colorful design and in its use of non-traditional mediums.

Molotov can now tick “to design a poutine food truck” off its bucket list. This creativity allowed voters to see the NDP for what it is: a bold party that is not afraid to dare. The advertising campaign reached supporters where they were: in their living room scrolling on Instagram or on their balcony with a coffee reading the morning news.

From home to the ballot box, Molotov’s extraordinary work has allowed the NDP to be seen once and for all as the progressive option by default for Quebecers.

“These energetic, playful and daring ads scream that in the 2021 election, it’s Jagmeet Singh who embodies coolness.”

Hélène Buzzetti, Le Soleil

“With his decidedly pastel-colored turbans, he shot commercials that looked like they’d come straight out of a Stromae video.”

Boris Proulx, Le Devoir

“It’s a splash of turquoise, blue and mauve. There is something extremely catchy about the three new NDP ads in Quebec.”

Hélène Buzzetti, Le Soleil

“Jagmeet Singh, or rather his comms team, knows the audience he wants to reach on TikTok well. […] Today he has over 760,000 subscribers and 7 million likes on his videos.”

Léa Martin, Le Soleil