Land of Art and Transmission

Joliette’s Museum of Arts

Femme en équilibre, un micro à la main.


Strategy & Mobilizing

Video production

Musée d’art de Joliette

Joliette’s Museum of Arts, located at the heart of Lanaudière, holds some of Quebec’s most valued collections. The Museum is committed to preserving and valorizing ancient and contemporary works by artists from Québec, Canada, and beyond.

The Project

Molotov’s team joined in on the Museum’s mission to promote the richness and diversity of the  Lanaudière region’s artists and artworks by overseeing the creation and production of five video clips. Each video features an artistic and cultural project, all with one common denominator: passion. This passion which drives artists and makes them commit to their art, is rooted in their unique stories, their creations,  their practices, and in the potential impact their work can have on others… This collaboration was an exciting opportunity to celebrate and amplify the liveliness of Joliette’s (and, at a bigger scale, Quebec’s) cultural scene. All this while encouraging the region’s social and economic development. Molotov is thrilled to have provided the Museum with tools to showcase and bolster its artistic DNA.

Une allée bordée de verdure menant à une fontaine surplombé d'un ciel bleu.
Violoniste chantant sur scène.
Groupe de musique sur scène.
Cirque Alfonse
Vue aérienne du chapiteau.
Micro baigné de lumière.