Campaign Tools and Visual Identity for the 2018 Election

Québec solidaire


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Québec solidaire

Québec Solidaire is a left-wing, separatist party with 10 members in the National Assembly.

The Project

After a successful provincial election campaign in 2014, Quebec Solidaire reappointed Molotov to conceptualize and develop all of their interactive online tools. Our Coordinator, Nicolas Bonnet led the artistic direction of the campaign. The originality and aesthetics were praised by all sides. 

Our team met the most specific needs of the Party. We delivered high-quality work that included a series of simple and easy to use micro-sites that securely collected data, voter participation, and an efficient and integrated search engine. All of this was done while maintaining the political demands and reflected the passionate nature of their campaign.

Our team developed the tools that allowed QS to distinguish itself and organically create an activist movement all over Quebec. It was by creating this large movement that the Party was able to make its unprecedented breakthrough.