A 360 Campaign Serving a Taste of Leisure

Quebec Leisure Council

Image vedette, une dame sourie devant un film au cinéma


Strategy & Mobilizing

Design & Visual Identity

Video production

Ad placement

Quebec Leisure Council

The Quebec Leisure Council (CQL) represents 35 national leisure organizations which regroup over 4 500 local and regional organizations, all supported by a network of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Through its wide variety of recreational services, the Quebec Leisure Council contributes to Quebec’s social, cultural and economical development.

The project

Like many other sectors, associative leisure was seriously hit by the pandemic. Now emerging from this difficult period, the CQL wishes to mobilize its members around a national promotional campaign which aims to reconnect Quebec residents with the joy (and many benefits) of practicing a leisure activity. 

Each of Molotov’s fields of expertise were called upon in the development of this ambitious project. Together, we developed a communication and mobilization plan,  implemented a global campaign strategy, rolled out social media and advertising placements and conceptualized a fun campaign tagline. While some were working on conceptualizing a bold and colorful visual identity, others got to work producing 3 playful video advertisements to optimize campaign visibility. 

We believe all Quebec residents should learn about the rich variety of leisure activities that are accessible across the province. Molotov is thrilled to have amplified the CQL’s message and extended its invitation to all Quebecers, reminding them of the joys and benefits of bringing leisure into their lives. Through this 360 campaign, we’re proud to have given leisure its well-deserved time to shine!

Slogan, Goûte au plaisir, goûte au loisir
Affiches de campagne dans la rue
Extrait instagram et extrait de la deuxième publicité (un homme joue aux échecs)
Packaging de suçons
Aperçu de la page Facebook dans la campagne
Article dans le magasine NightLife
Capture de la troisième publicité, une femme chante et un enfant apprend de nouvelles connaissances
Capture de la deuxième publicité, un homme à mobilité réduite joue du saxophone
Capture de la troisième publicité, une enfant découvre une tortue
Capture du placement publicitaire sur les médias sociaux
Site de la campagne