2021 Human Rights Agenda

Amnesty International

Amnesty International


Design & Visual Identity

Amnesty International is a human rights movement that has been operating for over 60 years around the world.

The Project

Human rights violations concern us all. Supporting Amnesty International, a major player in the fight for a better world, which has made justice and freedom its spearheads, was an obvious choice for us.

It is therefore with great pride that Molotov has committed itself to side with Amnesty International by producing a agenda as well as a series of static and animated vignettes to promote its release. For this project, beyond the amazing work accomplished by our designer team, while remaining faithful to the visual identity of the organization, Molotov was delighted to get involved and, whether in print or digital version, to achieve a result as attractive as it is accessible. Mission accomplished!

Projects like this and partnerships like this are what ignite, maintain and fan our flame, that of every member of the Molotov team.